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This is my personal web page. I am Kannan T working in Bangalore, India. I completed my Ph.D. at IIT Madras, India under the supervision of Prof. D. Loganathan (Dept. of Chemistry) and worked as a postdoctoral fellow at State University of New York, Stony Brook, USA with Prof. William J. Lennarz (Dept. of Biochemistry and Cell Biology).

My hobbies include playing football, chess.., writing free verses in Tamil (puthu kavithai...safest way of writing whatever you want, no matter who thinks what!...May great Tamil scholars forgive me!)


http://www.iitm.ac.in/ (IIT Madras web site)

http://www.sunysb.edu/ (State University of New York, Stony Brook  web site)


Chemistry Links are also found on my other web page  http://www.orgcheminfo.8k.com/

 Three things in LIFE


Once Gone, Never Come Back : Words, Opportunity & Time


Must Not Be Lost : Peace, Hope & Honesty


Are Most Valuable : Love, Self Confidence & Friends


That Makes You a Great Person : Hard Work, Sincerety & Success


Are Never Sure : Dreams, Success & Fortune


That Destroy a Person : Greed, Pride & Anger


Miles to go before I sleep - Robert Browning


send in your comments/suggestions to  kanchem@hotmail.com